Cross of Grace

A community of grace sharing God's love with no strings attached.

Summer Sunday Worship:
8:30 am & 10 am
(Begins Memorial Day Weekend, May 26th)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

We call this a WISH list.  Many of these items walk the fine line between things we “WANT” and things we “NEED.”  We suggest them as unique invitations for individuals and families to share something for which they have a heart at Cross of Grace.  These gifts are not meant to take the place of whatever commitments we’ve already made to the General and Building Funds

If you’re not sure which of these items you’d like to purchase, or if you’d like for us to choose how to use your gift, you can simply give money for the sake of the Wish List and, added to the gifts of others, we’ll choose items that best meet our needs.

The items here are listed in no particular order of need, desire, or significance to the ministry we share.  

Please prayerfully consider anything that would be a meaningful gift for you to offer. All of this represents nothing more or less than a great way to add Jesus to our Christmas giving lists.

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